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Last Year

State Cup Policy and Procedure

1.  CSSA Competition and Playing Rules must be followed and be familiar to you, and are posted above.  

2. The following policies apply to this year's Cup competition and clarify or supplement anything in the official Rules:

a) Goal differential in group phase play will be capped at a maximum of five goals per match.  There will be no running up the score on opponents like there was in past competitions.

b)  Refusing to play after a match has kicked off (i.e., walking off the field and quitting) constitutes a forfeit, per Cup Rules, and teams will be disciplined accordingly.

c) The deadline to change field venue, kick-off date, or kick-off time is FIVE DAYS prior to scheduled kick-off.  For example, the deadline to change anything about a scheduled Sunday 10:00 AM kick-off is the preceding Tuesday at 10:00 AM. 

d) Any schedule change agreed to by both teams must be done via e-mail, and must be authorized and communicated to the Cup Committee via e-mail.

e) "Rosters" and "Line-up Forms" (two different things) for this year's tournament are required.   The Cup Committee will decide ASAP if the Line Up Forms will be provided to the match officials ahead of time by the Cup Committee, or by team managers prior to game day check-in.  The Cup Line Up Form provided to the match referees will be the ones used to check-in players. "No pass, no play rule" will be enforced, and any roster irregularities caused by using rosters provided by teams will be seriously looked at.

f) Please communicate with your opponents and the Committee in a timely fashion, in advance, so the competition matches go smoothly.

g) All matches can be played "ON OR BEFORE" the scheduled dates if both teams agree and with the permission of the Cup Committee.  SCHEDULE CHANGES MUST HAVE WRITTEN AGREEMENT AND PERMISSION OF CUP COMMITTEE AND OPPONENT.

h) CSSA State Cup matches take precedence over your league matches. However, for SASL make-up matches needed to be played on November 3, we shall postpone your Cup match so that your team can complete it's league season.  Otherwise, if there is a scheduling conflict, you must postpone your league match (or forfeit it). Please follow your league's rules regarding postponing matches, i.e., don't wait until a few days before or you could end up forfeiting your league match.  This policy is in the Cup Rules.

i) All fields must have CORNER FLAGS (EVEN ARTIFICIAL TURF FIELDS). Home teams who do not not comply will be fined $50.00, payable to "CSSA, Inc." before the team's next scheduled Cup home match.