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How To Join CSSA

CSSA application requirements, application process, and membership responsibilities:

A.  CSSA requirements prior to application acceptance:

  1. The applying organization must have at least six (6) teams or 40 registered players.
  2. The applicant should be properly and legally organized; that is, should seek legal advice on being Incorporated, or having LLC status, etc., and provide necessary documentation - see below.

B.  Application process:

  1. Written application, via e-mail, to CSSA President, specifying membership category being applied for (usually State League or Recreational Club).
  2. Names and contact information of organization’s leadership (board of directors, executive board, etc.)
  3. Copy of organization’s charter or articles of incorporation, LLC, etc. (“properly organized” documentation).
  4. Copy of organization’s bylaws, rules, or regulations.
  5. Copy of organization’s rules of play.
  6. Copy of recent organization's discipline statistics (red and yellow card statistics).
  7. Any other governing documents appropriate to understanding the structure and activities of the organization, including most recent league schedule and standings.
  8. A roster or proposed roster of referees to be employed, and a proposed Referee Assignor - who must be approved by CSSA.

C.  ​Application review and acceptance by CSSA:

  1. The CSSA President shall refer the application to the CSSA Executive Board for consideration.
  2. The Executive Board may reject the application until the application and accompanying documents are changed to comply with the requirements, such as bylaws, rules and policies, of CSSA, USASA, and USSF.
  3. The Executive Board may provisionally recognize an applicant as an official member, pending the review of the application, or pending formal approval by the membership, as stated below.
  4. The Executive Board may recommend that admission be contingent upon the applicant meeting additional requirements such as a refundable performance bond.
  5. An applicant may be admitted as  a member by majority vote of the CSSA Board of Directors (the existing CSSA member leagues and clubs), or a majority vote of the CSSA Executive Board, when a CSSA Board of Directors quorum is not met at any CSSA Board of Directors meeting.

D.  Membership responsibilities, once accepted:

  1. The approved applicant must only use CSSA-approved referee assigning applications; currently, that application is CSRP’s Central Assign.
  2. The applicant must exclusively use the FIFA and USSF-approved three-man diagonal system of officiating, when three officials are available for assignment (State League applicant only).
  3. The applicant must submit player registration data and fees in a timely manner, as detailed in the CSSA Bylaws and policies.
  4. The applicant must comply with CSSA Discipline Committee player and team suspensions issued for red card and other discipline offenses.
  5. The applicant must abide by all other CSSA membership responsibilities that are stated in the CSSA Bylaws, Playing Rules, policies, Fee Schedule, and any other CSSA directives.
  6. The applicant must remain in good standing with CSSA, or risk membership suspension or termination.