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2012 USASA National Cups

USASA National Cups

Winter 2011-2012: Entering the USASA National Cups
  The United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) administer the National Cups. See the USASA Website for more information.

The United States is split into four regions by the USASA and Connecticut falls into Region 1. The four regions will determine a Regional Champion independently from teams representing their states and then all four Regional Champions will meet in a "final four" tournament to determine the National Cup Champions.

Any interested teams please contact the
CSSA Cups Committee Chairperson). The CSSA will take applications until the deadline of January 31, 2012 in order to address any possible conflictions with number of applicants. If conflictions arise there will be a playoff in March 2012. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any concerns.

Thank you,
Jack Testani
CSSA Vice President

If you are having problems contacting the USASA, please contact the
CSSA Cups Committee Chairperson to see if he can help you.

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2012: Connecticut Teams Entered into the 2012 USASA National Cups
  Over-30 National Cup: Club Napoli, from the Shoreline Adult Soccer League.

Amateur National Cup: To be determined?
2012: Connecticut Teams' Results
  Results of games involving Connecticut teams in the National Cups -- updated 04-Jun-2012