* 2011-2012 STATE CUPS *

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Connecticut State Soccer Association

2011-12 State Cups

  2011-12 CSSA Over-30 State Cup Results and Standings -- updated 10-Jun-2011 (Final played on the evening of June 9th and a winner was decided!)

2011-12 CSSA Over-40 State Cup Results and Standings -- updated 10-Jun-2011 (Final played on the evening of June 9th and a winner was decided!)

Not enough teams applied for the Over-50 Cup this season and the three that did were put into the Over-40 Cup.

Results and Standings for previous seasons -- the Over-30 Cup was inaugurated in 1992 and the Over-40 Cup was inaugurated in 2002. The Over-50 Cup was inaugurated last season, 2010-11.

1. CSSA Cup and Playing Rules must be followed and be familiar to you, and are located on the Downloads page.

2. The following three policies apply to this year's Cup competition and replace or supplement anything in the official Rules:

  • The deadline to change field venue, kick-off date, or kick-off time is FIVE DAYS prior to scheduled kick-off

For example, the deadline to change anything about a scheduled Sunday 10:00 AM kick-off is the preceding Tuesday at 10:00 AM.
All changes must be agreed to by both teams and communicated to the entire Cup Committee via e-mail.

  • All fields must have CORNER FLAGS (EVEN ARTIFICIAL TURF FIELDS). Home teams who do not not comply will be fined $50.00, payable to "CSSA, Inc." before the team's next scheduled Cup home match.
  • "Rosters" and "Line-up cards" for this year's tournament are one and the same and your team Cup roster will be provided to the match officials ahead of time by the Cup Committee. You may bring your own Cup roster to the field, but only as a backup. The Cup roster provided to the match referees will be the ones used to check-in players. No pass, no play rule will be enforced, and any roster irregularities caused by using rosters provided by teams will be seriously looked at.

- Please communicate with your opponents and the Committee in a timely fashion so the competition matches go smoothly.

- All matches can be played "ON OR BEFORE" the scheduled dates if both teams agree.

- PLEASE ALSO NOTE: CSSA State Cup matches take precedence over your league matches. If you do not re-arrange your Cup match before the date of your scheduled league match you must postpone your league match (or forfeit it). Please follow your league's rules regarding postponing matches, i.e., don't wait until a few days before or you could end up forfeiting your league match!

  The CSSA State Cup Committee announced the following dates for the 2011-12 CSSA Men's Over-30, Over-40 and Over-50 State Cups, with applications accepted for a Women's tournament also

- Saturday, September 28, 2011 (late entries must be at least postmarked this day)

The entry fee of $100.00 is non-refundable. Home teams will pay for the two Assistant Referees @ $50.00 each. The visiting team will pay for the Head Referee @ $75.00.

- on or before Saturday, October 1, 2010.

Group Match Phase (four teams per group):
- Group match #1: Sunday October 9, 2011 (Columbus Day weekend)
- Group match #2: Sunday November 13, 2011
- Group match #3: Sunday April 29, 2012

All kick-offs are 10:00 AM, unless otherwise notified.

Knockout Phase:
- Spring 2012: All Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals are to be played on either Sunday, May 13 and/or Sunday, May 27, 2012. All Finals must be played on
SATURDAY, June 9, 2012. Kick-offs to be determined.

Official application form for the 2011-12 CSSA Men's Over-30, Over-40 and Over-50 State Cups (Microsoft Word DOC file). Fees and some basic, but important rules are also on the form.

- All matches can be played "
ON OR BEFORE" the scheduled dates if both teams agree.

There are many changes to this upcoming season's competition referenced on the application - please note:

* CSSA will accept women's team applications and will run a women's tournament(s) if entries warrant.
* We wish to increase the number of men's Over-50 Cup applications from last year's five, to at least eight.
* We'd also like to see more men's Over-30 applications.
* Cup rosters must be included with application.
* Guest players have been eliminated from eligibility, but "non-league" teams (which can be comprised of existing CSSA registered players, or teams, and/or unaffiliated players) may enter by posting a performance bond.
* Players must be "of age" or age-eligible at the start of the competition. Teams may not place underage field players on rosters, prior to the start of the competition, who then become age-eligible during the competition.
* Only two round robin matches will be played this fall, and the same roster will be used for these two matches - no changes allowed between round-robin matches 1 and 2.
* Rosters will then be frozen in the early spring for the remainder of the competition - round robin match 3, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. This is to facilitate the change in the SASL schedule.
* The CSSA Cup Finals will be played on a Saturday in June, usually the second Saturday. *Do not* enter the competition if you do not want to, or cannot, play on this Saturday. Check all the playing dates, especially the knockout phase dates in the spring, to ensure you can field a team at that point. The Cup Committee will not likely entertain deviating from the spring knockout phase schedule.
* Please read the e-mail attached below regarding existing cup policy and Competition Rules.

Read the application carefully. Contact State Cup Committee Chairman
Jack Testani, or Committee members Rich Reddington (email ) or Steve Henderson, with any questions. Please get your applications in ASAP, and we look forward to another good cup competition this coming season.

For the CSSA Cup Committee,

Dan Rooney,
President, CSSA