News of CFC AZUL, Connecticut's newest and only entry into the Premier Development League

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From: Garry Archer
Date: Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 9:46 PM
Subject: CFC AZUL of the PDL.
To: SASL Soccer Email List

Hello All,

The other day I received this very interesting call to arms by Steve Coxon to all interested or involved in Connecticut soccer:


I was wondering if you can help spread the word about Connecticut's newest and only entry into the PDL, the CFC AZUL.

We will begin our inaugural season in May and we are looking for support from all of Connecticut's teams and leagues.

The PDL is the league below the U.S. pros. It stands for Premier Development League. 75% of the boys who are drafted into the MLS start in the PDL. You can read more about it at at

Essentially, CFC AZUL becomes the highest men's soccer team in the state. We have a budget of $100,000 per year.... so we are legit!

The state badly needs a team to support and we are it! Would love to sit down with you one day to spread the AZUL gospel!

At the moment you can find our information on Facebook at

Any help spreading the word will be greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions about the AZUL don't hesitate to ask.


Steve Coxon

If you want to contact Steve about the PDL and the CFC AZUL his email address is , or simply click 'Like' on the given Facebook page to keep up-to-date!

By the way, I only just found this out the other day, but let me be one of the first to congratulate
Steve on his induction to the Connecticut Soccer Hall of Fame on January 28th, 2012 (Steve didn't know I was going to say that!). A few of you may remember who Steve is and what his soccer achievements and involvements have been, others may not at all -- but they are MANY AND VARIED! Especially in Connecticut! See for more information!

Well done, Steve, and the very best of congratulations on your induction, richly deserved!

- Garry Archer (for the CSSA)