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 If you have any questions or comments regarding the content of this Website or about any CSSA business, please contact CSSA President Dan Rooney.

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To inquire about refereeing adult affiliated matches, contact
CSSA President Dan Rooney.



The CSSA are this year requiring that if more than one team applies to enter the 2015 USASA National Cups, they must play off in a "State Round" to be played this fall, 2014. CSSA Cup Commissioner Jack Testani has announced the deadline to apply is September 15th. Once all the teams have entered (Over-30 and Open leagues) he will draw the teams from the hat and set up a State Round schedule.


Pedro DeBrito passed away on 5th July, 2014 aged 55 after suffering injuries in an automobile accident in Miami, Florida. He was a former collegiate and professional soccer star, former SASL player, Connecticut soccer legend and inductee of the Connecticut Soccer Hall of Fame. He is sadly missed by the Connecticut soccer community. The SASL have a Web page set up for obituraries from them, the Hartford Courant and the Dallas Morning news.

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